Mindfulness programs

We offer a variety of mindfulness programs to help you begin your journey to promote more calm in your life and less anxiety and stress.

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Mindfulness for parents

Sign up for a beginners class on starting a daily meditation practice and other ways of bringing mindfulness to your life. The 6-week course includes many resources including information on what current research is showing about benefits and other mindfulness related topics. Join a community of learners with an instructor who is passionate about mindfulness for the family.

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Mindfulness for teens

Teens are an especially suitable group that can benefit from mindfulness meditation. The pressure and stress that can be present during these years can become greater with the presence of always-on digital communication technology. In our age of distraction, teenagers can benefit from using the tool of mindfulness for their relationships and personal well-being.

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digital mindfulness

There is an art to living in a digital world where we can stay connected and inspired by technology yet balanced, mindful and present in our lives. Join us in the two-hour workshop to look at how technology impacts the lives of our children and discover ways that we as parents can understand how we can empower and explore what it means to become a digital citizen at any age.