Welcome 2017

Looking back at the adventures and challenges of 2016, I remain grateful....not only for the safety and health we all enjoyed, but of how much I have grown. I can not help but feel a certain buzzing inside of me in this moment of January-ness. Fresh and new and hopeful and open...excited to see what emerges.

What I’m thinking of most as I start organizing and planning the New Year is – Intention.
How can I bring intention not only to each day, but also to my children?

The calendar lies out before me and I can already imagine all of the seasonal traditions and milestones that we’ll share. But I can’t help but wonder, how many are done with an honest intention and not just on autopilot? Where can I see see myself get caught up in consumerism and speed – and not a genuine presence in the moment? Of course, I am not perfect and I have no intention of striving for that, but rather a cultivation of intention throughout the seasons.

I will forgive myself when I fall short, which I’m sure will often be the case.
I’ve had so many excuses the past couple of years based on having twins and feeling overwhelmed with multiple moves and graduate school at the same time. But now I’m sitting more still and the little boys are four. It’s time.

Intentions.    We invite each other to share what ideas they have for the New Year: new adventures they'd like to take, hobbies to spend more time on, or just activities that they are interested in pursuing.

Sacred Passing.    Although we spend time in fun and dancing as a family, we also find a few moments to pray together, share a blessing, or do a meditation together. This year, we sat together with my new Tibetan singing bowl, and did a Metta meditation together. Metta means loving kindness and it is a practice of sending universal love to ourselves, others, and the entire planet. I was amazed at how all of my kids were very engaged in the practice, finding their own involvement.