Welcome to Silence for Children

Childhood is a time of wonder - everything is new and the natural world unfolds for the first time with full magical moons, mountains of colorful leaves, and oceans to dive into. It is a time for children to learn about the world they live in and where they fit in. This time has become busier than ever for our children, with many demands on their time in this fast paced modern society. 

Their time of wandering is often limited - coaches, teachers, trainers, testing, and electronic media leave little space for "aimless wondering." The stress is showing -  childhood anxiety and depression disorders continue to rise. Children need accessible tools to combat the pressures of the modern world and regain some quiet of childhood. 

Silence. It comes in many forms, and for the sake of this website, we are referring to the "good" and "strong" uses of silence, especially for children and their families. There are many practices, such as mindfulness and meditation, which children can learn to help balance their energy, build concentration, and decrease stress and anxiety. There are simple ways of adding moments of quiet into busy days and we will explore those here at Silence for Children. 

While we still celebrate the natural and wild noise of childhood, we believe that children also crave quiet. We will explore the idea of silence and meditation as tools to help build a strong foundation, benefiting a child's entire life and overall well-being. We will seek the advice of experts to help parents and caretakers understand the pressures of modern childhood and what tools might benefit their children during these formative years.